In this page I will be writing about my Russian learning journey. As a big language, Russian has a lot to be talked about. Please go below and click for further reading.

Importance and Reason

Let me begin with a fun fact. Before learning Russian approximately for 4 years I learned Spanish. However, this journey ended for me for several reasons. Those reasons are also my reasons to learn Russian. The number 1 reason was that Spanish is mostly talked in Latin America. Plus, the rate of Latin Americans to know about Turkey or in general Turkish Culture is way less than speakers of Russian. Number 2 was the distance. Latin America is more than 10 thousand kilometres far away from my country. This is times and times less with Russian speaking lands. The last reason that I will mention here is connectivity and likelihood. I am not here to say that the Russian and Turkish languages are similar. Or that they are sharing the same culture. However, these cultures and languages have lived together for a massive amount of time and they share a giant history. This made us feel an extraordinary number of similar feelings for many subjects. This also brings many similar mindsets you will find in default. So, in short, I saw a much more useful side to Russian in my life than other languages. This is why I am learning this language and I enjoy learning its different and unique content.


Beginning to Russian for me was with apps. I tried to learn the alphabet first. However, as with everything I learn, I need to write things down to be able to explain it to myself. The problem was that I wasn’t able to write those heavy letters with strange curves. That is why I had to first fix this problem and I painted over the letters. After some time, I could write understandable text. This time was the moment for me because the beginning is always the hardest point. Later on, I completed learning the alphabet and began to learn new words. Just after that, I had the chance to choose Russian as a lesson at university. I got this lesson for two terms and I got high points in both terms. Later on, I printed extra grammar and vocabulary books to help complete my grammar. The final piece was talking with dozens of people and listening to music.


Russian music has become really important for me after I started learning this language. Getting used to it might take some time for people. After understanding the mindset of this culture, music and music videos get to be more and more interesting. I will share with you the songs that had a big influence on me. One will be group Leningrad. They speak about everything with no borders or filters. That is worthy of me. Also, I will share some nice Russian rap. Enjoy it.