My close friend and working partner Elijah Martinez has shared some of his reasons to give me a reference. He is in sector as a concept artist and architect.

“He has real good characteristic which is combined with good influence and great amount of knowledge. I asked for advices to him many times and that connection between us helped me a lot to create my social media face. Especially his critics about my website helped me a lot to create my social connections and online networks. Then we talked and discussed on my other projects such as Shenzhen, Hungarian international art galleria and Schönbrunn. I got international designing awards from two of these projects and even for them I have to thank Mr. Akçay.He gave me critics about my website, design process, atelier, schedule and more… Teached me about methods of thinking, social media, scenes and even photography. I may be an artist but it is pretty interesting that see someone has that much knowledge from that different industries and always gonna be admirable in my eyes… Im also pretty greatful because I have such a wise advicer and network like him.”

If you wish to contact him you can reach with the icons below.