In my language pages I will show you what I’ve used to learn that particular language and I will share some materials for you to learn and enjoy with the content.

Importance and Reason

Everything that we learn in life must be precious and must have a reason to be in our minds. Otherwise, we will either learn a very useless thing or we will forget it soon. For me learning Persian was always a dream. It contains great vocabulary. It sounds cool and it is deeply connected with Turkish. If I want to give more detail, I can say that Persian is way easier if you are from the east of Turkey. Because we have had deep connections in history with this language. Plus, they are also relatives with my people. I have visited Tehran for a video advertising shooting. During my stay, I could learn many words in Persian and it was surprising for me that this language could be so easy for me. I had tried to learn it before but it was rare to find any content online for Persian. However, after I turned back, I bought books and also subscribed to a good app that serves Persian education too. So far, I enjoy this language and wish that I can be much better in it.


Studying Persian was a pleasure for me. It is extremely easy to read it if you compare it with Arabic. You can even just assume and most of the time you will read it somehow correctly. Also, Persian is a language with a great brain behind. Just like in Turkish the sentence structure is S+N+V and that was surprising when I first learned that. Plus, there are countless similar words and grammar rules in Persian that we have in Turkish. In my studies, I first began with memorizing hundreds of words. I used a paid app for this job. Afterward, I finished a grammar book. Finally, I tried to finish a book with a translation. Besides, I made many small learning notes to memorize all these.


There is no language that I can learn without being able to listen songs from it. It’s the key for me personally to learn and grab the structure of any language. Therefore I will share some of my favorite songs in Persian to reference you my taste and what road I chose to move forward from.