In my life, I have tried many hobbies and they gave me a big education and joy. Here I will share with you my hobbies. You can check them one by one. Only click and discover.


Photography is a great hobby when you wish to share your vision to other people. It makes me feel that I have the opportunity to describe what I have seen and what I want to share with people. I have been taking photos and editing them with several software for long years. It also helps me to improve my eye a lot.

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Music is one of the most important and precious things that I know about life and all my life I was somehow doing music! I have played guitar, harmonica and ney and many other instruments.

Besides I kept singing since I know myself. Playing guitar has been my favorite activity since 15 years old. On this road, I have always tried to enjoy my music and develop myself. I always knew how to move forward and this showed me the exact position of the guitar in my life. It will be my mirror when I wanna show myself how I feel. This is why %90 of the time I play guitar when I am alone. But I have only a handful of videos after all these years. (I don’t really like shooting myself playing)

Playing harmonica is something that I started when I was in university and I really adore playing it. I have many things to say however I want you to understand me via my records.Also for ney I will be recording some nice material for you to listen.

Beautiful Tango
Stand Up
My Harmonica