English has been my way to contact with the world. The language of the modern world is certainly the most influential language in the world. The language of the diplomacy, media and internet and much more… Learning it for me never wasn’t with any serious effort. I believe if you are breathing you should be learning English unconsciously at the same time. Unfortunately for the majority in my country this is not the case. Sadly, many people will regularly be pointed at just because they can speak a basic language. This is exhausting when you can’t explain that it is just normal and easy to do. Plus, we want no extra attention for this. Just a reminder.

Importance and Reason

Particularly for English I won’t be explaining why it’s so important it will be funny. But I will talk about some points that the majority of the people are very much aware of but consciously ignore in my country. In a global world as a final result, English has become an accepted medium. Afterward doesn’t matter what’s their origin, people started creating content with this language if they’re demanding a share from the global pie. Unfortunately, people in my country every day give a big fight to ignore this fact. They try their best to not be in the borders of English language influence. Why is the fighting when you can just learn it and go along with it? Well, that’s a strong habit and doesn’t seem to change for my people. Countries are making all their export and import with global glasses on. This directly means that the local effect is less than before. Finally, this leads everyone to reality. English is the medium of the global country.


I studied English just as every Turkish student did. However, as with all Turkish students, I didn’t learn this language at school. I have encountered every form of everything using English. I can say that since 15 if I make a simple math, I used English much more than Turkish in my life. My interests led me to this. I don’t know what else I should say. I gave a big importance to daily simple effective and clear English speech. My reference accent is American and I find it much quicker and fresh.


For my English page I thought creating a list will be a better idea. Also I will include every type of music that I enjoyed listening. If English gathers all the world then my list will gather all the world’s music. Enjoy!