In this page I will be talking about my Arabic learning journey. It is the most influential language on Turkish with its cultural and religious connections. That is why learning Arabic for me is never surprising when you think about its effect on everyone.

Importance and Reason

If you come from a conservative family you will be sent to learn qur’anic schools from the age of 5. Later on, you will grab the alphabet and pronunciation perfectly if you got the ear. But afterward, you have a reach point. At this point, %99 of Turkish people stop their connections with Arabic. When they can read a particular text correctly the rest doesn’t matter for my people. For me, this was the silliest behavior for Turkish people at all times. Why not wonder what you’re reading? Plus, people will memorize the whole holy book and never understand what it is saying. This is horrific and funny at the same time. For me learning Arabic didn’t start with the same intentions. But no need to explain why Arabic is important. It is certainly way more important than English if you are born in turkey. You will find religious economic touristic historical-geographical … and much more reasons to learn Arabic in turkey. But what about my particular reason. Don’t laugh but this way my reason. Listen After listening to this I said I will learn Arabic. Here I am still trying.


As I mentioned before when you grow you already learn reading the language and pronunciation is not a big deal at all. But my first attempts started with my friends who also learn Arabic. We finished several books with them to be able to understand somethings from this language. By the way, let me tell you how hard this language is. If I collect all my effort to learn all other languages it is still way less than the effort I spent on Arabic and it is still not covering most of Arabic. This language is so big that most people have no idea about it just like me. But after studying with my friends I went back home and I finished the whole channel and studied by myself. Later on, I went to a private school just for this language. Later I chose this lesson in university 2 times to study it more. Finally, I went to morocco several times to practice it (they don’t speak Arabic ha-ha). I used every form of education tool to learn Arabic. Also speaking with many people helped me a lot. Now today I am happy I can explain myself and understand it. But this language is so formed that it won’t let you twist it a lot. At the end of the day, you need to fit in it. Important reminder for you people.

Links To My Favorite Channels

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Arabic Typefaces


I started listening to Nancy at first and memorized most of her songs. Later on, I began listening to literally every form of Arabic music. From Umm Kulthum to Fairoz as well as Abdel Halim Hafez, Layla Mourad, Mr.Lamjarred, Asmahan, Khaled and Mohamed Abdou and dozens of others. What else can I say listen to Arabic music with and without vocals its perfect for sure. I love the oud the most.