Hey there! Welcome to my website. I genuinely appreciate your visit. I hope you enjoy my content and have a great time.

My name is Enes. I was born in Erzurum. Later on, I moved to Istanbul for business and study. Currently, I am active in various sectors. Yet, mainly I am working as a social media expert. I create strategies for social media and run researches before campaigns. These help to improve targeting and success.

Within my study in the new media department, I have practiced different programs including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Lightroom and MS Office. However, they were pretty easy to fix because I grew up with computers and programs. Finally, I had several photography and video projects with DSLR.

From my childhood, I enjoyed learning and discovering new things and meeting new people. Therefore, I have had a background in learning and teaching new languages. Being a student plus teacher is my lifetime goal in all aspects. Besides, during my school days, history and geography were taking my attention greatly with their magical themes. This made me see many regions and learn about their background and stories. I could meet dozens of strangers from all over the world and show them around many times

Apart from social media and others, I am interested in music and translation. I like to play several instruments and sing along. You can find additional information and media on my site. Enjoy it!

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